For Prisons

All our musicians are security trained and do not need officer support while running sessions; they are usually based within the Chapel, and are typically funded through Education and/or the Chaplaincy. We have over 15 years experience and have never been involved in a breach of security.

One of our patrons, Suzy Dymond-White the former Governor of HMP Horfield, is happy to recommend our work to other prisons.

The full cost of supplying a Changing Tunes musician for one year is £16,000 (£18,000 in London). Contributions to these costs will be required from the prison.

In return for this investment we will:

  • Provide a Musician in Residence
  • Ensure the Musician in Residence is trained and supervised
  • Provide three two hour sessions per week for a year
  • Work with groups of five prisoners on average
  • Carry out professional recordings
  • Enter prisoners into Koestler Awards (participants in our sessions won 43 in 2011 alone)
  • Hold concerts in prison for other inmates and staff (where the regime permits)
  • Enter prisoners for music exams (when requested by the prisoners)
  • Help with composition and song writing
  • Organise post release activities and concerts

Our work results in a 75% reduction in re-offending – for just £16,000 per year. Please see the Our Work section for more detailed information.