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Instrumental Appeal

Instrumental Appeal

“This collection of instrumental pieces was born in the early morning hours, where they came from I do not know. They are a gift and I am pleased to share this gift with you.”
Enjoy, Phil


Kicking The Habit Of A Lifetime

Ed has been writing and performing for the past four years as part of the Changing Tunes programme. He writes songs about the realities of life which we all face, touching the heart, mind and often the spirit of the listener.

A natural songwriter, Ed discovered his gift for music through working with Changing Tunes, and soon after picking up a guitar the songs began to pour out of him.

The EP contains some of Ed’s early songs as a taste of what’s in store for future releases.


All songs written by Ed Matthews

Ed Matthews: vocals, guitar
Rob Davies: drums
Gareth Hamer: bass, electric guitar
Steve Abley: keyboard
Nick Martin: electric guitar


Coastal Shelves

“With a voice that stirs the soul like the sound of a weeping choir boy, frankey owes her streak to the artistry of Bristol’s pavements, and her crushing lyrics to the hymnbooks of her childhood” – Miele Passmore

Fran has been our Musician in Residence at HMP Eastwood Park since 2011, inspiring the women in her sessions to find their own voice and tell their stories. Since Fran’s audition for Changing Tunes, where she performed Motorways, we have been in awe of her songwriting, and we are very grateful that she is donating the proceeds from this E.P. to our ongoing work.

“This E.P. is a snapshot of songs I’ve written from past and present, which I gladly dedicate to Changing tunes – the job that I’m indebted to for its ongoing inspiration!”
– frankey, May 2013


Songs written and performed by frankey
Recorded and produced by Gareth Hamer
Cello parts played by Tracy Kembery
Art work by Ann Baker



Since my release from prison, and with the help of Changing Tunes, I’ve made this album of songs inspired by my personal experiences. Some of the songs are old and some new but each track means something unique to me and that particular part of my life, and it’s great to share my stories with an audience.

I have many thanks to give, namely to Gareth, Nick and Liam of Changing Tunes, and all those at the Rec House that have made this album possible.

-Steve Perry, Nov 2012


Steve Perry: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Gareth Hamer: drums, backing vocals
Liam Owen: bass guitar, double bass
Nick Martin: electric guitar
Matt Giles: Keyboard
Tracy Kembery: cello
Simon Torrance: harmonica

Cover photo by Emma Meredith

All songs written by Steve Perry
Produced by Gareth Hamer

Recorded over ten days between June and October 2012 at the Rec House, Twerton


Yesterday’s Child

I am an ordinary guy who has had a few knocks in life, just like most people, and some of my knocks led to depression and hopelessness. I ended up getting in with the wrong crowd which made me very unhappy but I realised bit by bit that I needed to move away from the crowd to turn my life around – and I succeeded. Meeting Changing Tunes has given me more ambition, direction and structure that I thought I’d ever have. I’d like to thank Steve and Gareth for their fantastic work with me and many others. I’d also like to thank Ed for the photos and video production.

This music is directed to everyone. The life experiences we all have and don’t want to go through. I’m hoping this will reach as many people as possible that have experienced something bad in their life.

Love Danny


Danny Cooper: vocals, guitar, drums, synth
Gareth Hamer: bass and electric guitar
Steve Abley: keyboards


People Jam

The making of this album has been an educational, spiritual awakening. It could not have been achieved without the support and encouragement of Gareth, who helped open up a channel from where these songs sprang. They express in some way the experience of the steps I have taken along the path to emerge from the shadows and draw closer to the light. I am also aware that without my sobriety I could do nothing so I owe a great debt of gratitude to Serenity House for teaching me how to live.

-David, March 2011


David Comer: Vocals, guitar
Gareth Hamer: Guitar, bass, backing vocal
Jonathan Lee: Drums
Matt Giles: Piano, organ
Neil Portlock: Guitar

Artwork by Stuart Armstrong

All songs written by David Comer, music for “You Don’t Have To Fake It” by Neil Portlock. Arranged by Gareth Hamer and David Comer.