Since my release from prison, and with the help of Changing Tunes, I’ve made this album of songs inspired by my personal experiences. Some of the songs are old and some new but each track means something unique to me and that particular part of my life, and it’s great to share my stories with an audience.

I have many thanks to give, namely to Gareth, Nick and Liam of Changing Tunes, and all those at the Rec House that have made this album possible.

-Steve Perry, Nov 2012


Steve Perry: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Gareth Hamer: drums, backing vocals
Liam Owen: bass guitar, double bass
Nick Martin: electric guitar
Matt Giles: Keyboard
Tracy Kembery: cello
Simon Torrance: harmonica

Cover photo by Emma Meredith

All songs written by Steve Perry
Produced by Gareth Hamer

Recorded over ten days between June and October 2012 at the Rec House, Twerton

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