Radio Interviews

Prisons have made the national headlines a few times since the start of the year, and it is always a topic that draws strong opinion. In March and April we were asked to appear on BBC Radio to speak on rehabilitation and to explain the outcomes of our work. We were pleased for the opportunity to join the wider conversation, and hope these interviews spark further engagement with how we approach the need to reduce re-offending in this country.


Radio Bristol interview with our Chief Exec Tim Snowdon and David, an ex-prisoner who has worked with Changing Tunes in prison and after release, giving a first hand account of prison life and our work. Includes his original song “Sobriety”, available to download¬†here


Following Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s proposed changes to Incentives and Earned Privileges for prisoners, our Chief Exec Tim Snowdon was asked to give a response to the BBC’s John Darvall.


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