Redemption Songs

All the songs on this album are original compositions by prisoners and ex-prisoner we have worked with. They share themes of redemption, forgiveness, wholeness and yearning. Some are inspired by religious conviction, others by the emotional upheaval of life in prison, expressing deep regrets and struggles, but also the hope of change. They were performed by prisoners and ex-prisoners, accompanied by Changing Tunes musicians and some friends.


Adam Kishtainy: rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Gareth Hamer: electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Nigel Savage: drums and percussion
Myrtle Lawrence: clarinet, piano, vocals
Matt Giles: vocals
Richard Pendlebury: electric guitar
Liam Owen: double bass
Kevin Figes: saxophone
David Masih: tabla
Anthony Thompson: trumpet

Produced and arranged by Adam Kishtainy. Track 12 produced by Gareth Hamer. Recorded at Attic Attack by Pete Rowley, and on location by Gareth Hamer. Track 1 recorded at Purple Squares by Sanjay Rajo. Mixed by Gareth Hamer with help from Sanjay. Mastered by Audiomaster.

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