Interested in running your own Changing Tunes?

A rare opportunity to be part of a growing charity:
Changing Tunes is a registered charity that uses music to reduce reoffending. It is our intention to expand our services from the South West, where we currently operate, to cover the rest of the UK. We will achieve this by launching six independent Changing Tunes franchises, the first of which will cover London and the South East. We will then proceed to move incrementally up the country, aiming to launch a new franchise every year.

Why use the franchise model?
We wish to increase the number of prisoners and ex-prisoners we work with, but we do not want to grow into a national charity with its associated costs. We want to grow locally, empowering and training locally-based people and groups to replicate our work, and ultimately take control and ownership of it.

We see our role as catalysts, training and enabling individuals to replicate what we have already proven to work, but giving them the control and ownership to manage and develop this work in the long-term.

Franchising has been chosen as the best way for us to grow while still retaining what we see as our distinguishing characteristics: a commitment from staff, local ownership, low administration costs and an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ culture. Our model of working requires close cooperation with churches, community groups and local people to help provide support for ex-prisoners.

Local control
The Franchise will work based upon a legal contract between us (CTUK) and each franchise. Each franchise will have its own Director and Board of Trustees. They will register themselves as new charities in their own right and be responsible for their own governance within the limits prescribed by the contract with CTUK.

The regions will also be free-standing in terms of finance. They will be responsible for their own fundraising. CTUK may assist with start up fundraising. They will make a very small annual payment to CTUK in return for CTUK services.

The local Board
As this new Changing Tunes franchise will be an independent charity, we are looking to recruit a Chair of Trustees who, with the Director, will recruit the full Board of Trustees to oversee this new charity.

If you are interested in creating a new Changing Tunes Franchise, or would simply like more information please contact:

Tim Snowdon 0844 414 6083

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