Yesterday’s Child

I am an ordinary guy who has had a few knocks in life, just like most people, and some of my knocks led to depression and hopelessness. I ended up getting in with the wrong crowd which made me very unhappy but I realised bit by bit that I needed to move away from the crowd to turn my life around – and I succeeded. Meeting Changing Tunes has given me more ambition, direction and structure that I thought I’d ever have. I’d like to thank Steve and Gareth for their fantastic work with me and many others. I’d also like to thank Ed for the photos and video production.

This music is directed to everyone. The life experiences we all have and don’t want to go through. I’m hoping this will reach as many people as possible that have experienced something bad in their life.

Love Danny


Danny Cooper: vocals, guitar, drums, synth
Gareth Hamer: bass and electric guitar
Steve Abley: keyboards

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