“Changing Tunes complement our work to address challenging behaviour, and our aims in Education and Care. We are so impressed by their work. Their Musician-in-Residence is an asset, getting it just right. Some of the sessions have been double the intended length because the young people are so engaged. These young people often struggle to concentrate in a 45-minute class, so to keep going twice as long is a remarkable outcome. We look forward to continuing this collaboration.”

Deputy Head at Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home

We are passionate about bringing the benefits of music-making into the lives of young people who find themselves in the youth justice system.

We run long-term music programmes with young people who are resident in secure children’s homes. There is a real appetite for music among these young people and we are excited to be developing our work with them.

The young people that we work with have already faced harsh disadvantages and trauma. Many have been young victims of crime too.

This is where Changing Tunes comes in. Our Musicians-in-Residence provide inspiring role-models to young people they work with. We engage each young person in a learning experience that is trauma-informed. Young people are at the centre of our music programmes, which are designed in response to their ideas and potential. Everyone is supported to find their own ‘voice’ and to grow as a musician and team-player. By providing individualised, long-term support, we nurture the unique potential of every participant, helping them to flourish as artists and human beings.

Young people get to work one-to-one with our professional musicians, on a weekly basis. One-to-ones enable participants to set their own goals and to recognise their progress as they go along. Individual sessions also create a safe space for participants to explore their thoughts and feelings through music. 

Young people also engage in the challenges and joys of group music-making. Collaboration and relational skills are a big part of the Changing Tunes experience. Music-making requires you to listen, and be part of a whole sound. This helps participants to grow a sense of belonging and to build healthy relationships.

Young people work towards performances for invited audiences, including friends, family and support staff. These performances are a celebration. They amplify the voice of each young musician. They help to build bridges of communication and understanding.

We also work with young people to record their musical creations. They work with our Musical Director, who brings specialist experience as a professional recording artist. These artistic outcomes are concrete reminders for participants; evidence that they are creative beings with the potential to make a positive contribution to the world.

We complement the education and rehabilitation work of our partners. We are pleased to have relaunched our work at Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home Unit in October 2020. We look forward to collaborating with young residents at Hillside Secure Children’s Home and Swanwick Lodge once Covid19 restrictions allow.

Covid19 has cemented our commitment to beneficiary-led projects. This has always been a hallmark of Changing Tunes. As we prepare to re-enter secure children’s homes, we will take time to consult with young people about how the pandemic has affected them and to understand how we can adapt our music programmes to address the issues and ideas they tell us about. We are also working with staff at secure children’s homes to ensure that we protect the health and safety of everyone.