The music in this section showcases the talents of some of the men and women we have worked with, helping them realise their potential as songwriters and musicians. Albums and individual tracks are available to listen to and download, and money raised from sales helps support future recording projects.




To celebrate our 30th anniversary, Changing Tunes released a special compilation album featuring covers and original songs performed by ex prisoners we have worked with over the years. The album also features Billy Bragg and Frank Turner who lent their time to the project to help create something spectacular. Click below to buy  the album. (Digital and streaming release date TBC)


Instrumental Appeal - Phil Bowbeer

"This collection of instrumental pieces was born in the early morning hours, where they came from I do not know. They are a gift and I am pleased to share this gift with you. Enjoy, Phil"


Coastal Shelves - frankey

Fran has been our Musician in Residence at HMP Eastwood Park since 2011, inspiring the women in her sessions to find their own voice and tell their stories. Since Fran's audition for Changing Tunes, where she performed Motorways, we have been in awe of her songwriting, and we are very grateful that she is donating the proceeds from this E.P. to our ongoing work. 

"This E.P. is a snapshot of songs I've written from past and present, which I gladly dedicate to Changing tunes - the job that I'm indebted to for its ongoing inspiration!" 
- frankey, May 2013


People Jam

"The making of this album has been an educational, spiritual awakening. It could not have been achieved without the support and encouragement of Gareth, who helped open up a channel from where these songs sprang. They express in some way the experience of the steps I have taken along the path to emerge from the shadows and draw closer to the light. I am also aware that without my sobriety I could do nothing so I owe a great debt of gratitude to Serenity House for teaching me how to live."

- David, March 2011

Redemption Songs

All the songs on this album are original compositions by prisoners and ex-prisoner we have worked with. They share themes of redemption, forgiveness, wholeness and yearning. Some are inspired by religious conviction, others by the emotional upheaval of life in prison, expressing deep regrets and struggles, but also the hope of change. They were performed by prisoners and ex-prisoners, accompanied by Changing Tunes musicians and some friends.

Summer Rain - Davey Anscombe

"Changing Tunes, thank you for the opportunity and time you have given me to create this album. I appreciate all the hard work that you have put in and the emotional support you have shown throughout my journey. 

To my friends and family: Mum Dad, Doug, Shaun, Alex, Jensen, Kerry, Frank, Sylvia, Steve, Lyndsay, Angela, Lisa, Adam, Florence, and Ally. You have all believed in my musical ability from a young age through to now and you have all helped me to develop a better understanding into that ability."

-Davey, July 2016