We continue to work with prisoners after their release, through our post-release programmes in Bristol, Hampshire and Exeter. 

Our musicians engage ex-prisoners in group music sessions. Local volunteers also participate, building community through musical collaboration. 

Our musicians also work one-on-one with ex-prisoners, providing individualised support and space to talk.

We support beneficiaries to perform at exciting venues and events. Their performances are often powerful and inspiring.

"Such high musical standard. The personal stories of how people turned their lives around are deeply moving" 

Audience member

Beneficiaries also produce recordings of their work. Sample their sounds here

We have good community links and we sign-post ex-prisoners to support services they might need. We also work with probation to promote our post-release work and to ensure that we uphold best practice in safeguarding.

Beneficiaries can progress through a range of ‘pathways’ through participation in our post-release programmes. Some choose to focus on the steady improvement of their confidence and skills. Some work with us to develop their material and practice as independent musicians. Some become volunteers for Changing Tunes. One of our former beneficiaries is now a Changing Tunes Musician-in-Residence. Another is a Trustee.

We are busy planning the launch of new post-release programmes in South Wales and the Midlands. Stay tuned!

Post-Release Success Story 

In 2017, our Musician-in-Residence Dave Fugler, first started working with a group of young men at HMP Exeter, supporting them to develop as a band, now called the Wak Therapists. For Dave, the experience has enriched his own development...

“Working with this band has been a complete game changer. They have taught me as much as I have taught them. I draw so much inspiration from their determination and ability to bounce back after truly difficult times”  

In August 2019, the group gave their first public performance at the Exeter Street Arts Festival. They were interviewed by Sarah Gosling on BBC Radio Devon and on Phonic FM.

We have supported them to record and produce an their first album, EscapologyThe rapper of the Wak Therapists explains the meaning behind the album...

"Wrought from the bowels of the prison system, the album is a product of our escapism. We escape as artists in our own right and with unfathomable support from Changing Tunes"

The front man of the band talks about the therapeutic process of writing the album:

“'Escapology’ is about being able to free the mind when everything else around you is chaos. Prison forced us to reflect big time and look for positive ways to make changes. That isn’t easy in prison, but Changing Tunes allowed us space to vent through music and the foundations of Escapology were put down. If it wasn’t for Changing Tunes, I’m certain I would still be in there” 

Download 'Escapology' here https://waktherapists.bandcamp.com/album/escapology-ep-2 to experience the energizing sounds of the Wak Therapists