Vision & Values

Using music to unlock human potential and reduce reoffending

Our vision is for prisoners and ex-prisoners to live a crime-free life of meaning and purpose.

Our mission - to accomplish this, we provide transformative music and mentoring sessions for men, women and young people in the UK prison system and post-release, enabling them to lead positive and meaningful lives by unlocking their potential to change, thus breaking the cycle of reoffending.

Values Statement

The values of Changing Tunes underpin the whole purpose of the service it delivers and the method of delivering it:

  • Valuing people, demonstrated both in the long-term commitment to the people we work with and in the collaborative approach taken by musicians;
  • Hope and motivation through the non-judgmental, warm and positive attitude of the musicians to conceive of a future where challenges can be overcome and spiritual, social and emotional well-being experienced
  • Inclusion and access for all without discrimination regardless of who they are, what their stage of life is or what they believe
  • Trust developed through respectful relationships characterised by honesty and respect; 
  • Enjoyment and fulfilment through positive endeavour and achievement both in community and individually.

These values are embodied in the delivery and support team of Changing Tunes, creating a safe and socially therapeutic environment, thus making a noticeable difference to the process of positive change in participants.

Valuing People

This is the ‘foundation’ value of Changing Tunes, demonstrated in the long-term commitment to the people we work with. We appreciate that change takes time and that people’s lives are complicated. We aim to be inclusive and build trusting relationships characterized by honesty and mutual respect. As people we work with are given opportunities to take risks, learn


Inclusion for all, and access to all, means to refrain from judgement and see the positive potential in everyone we work with. Our work cultivates an atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration, whilst being needs-led and people-centred, so that every prisoner and ex-prisoner is inspired to carve out their own positive path in life.


Enjoyment is key as people perform at peak levels when they are motivated by both what they do and the company of the people they do it with. Enjoyment doesn’t mean frivolity or the absence of challenging work. Real enjoyment and fulfilment at work comes when you and your team are deeply immersed in tackling a problem, and you persevere together.


Hope involves the will to reach a positive destination: without hope, nothing is possible. We aim to bring hope back into the lives of the prisoners and ex-prisoners we work with, many of whom have low self-esteem and little sense of worth. Hope is the precursor to ambition, and to having faith in one’s own potential and life chances. Hope allows our beneficiaries to take risks with our support, and having personal ambition gives prisoners and ex-prisoners the emotional capacity to overcome their challenges and reach a place of peace and acceptance. To grow ambition and hope, we must also create a learning culture in which there is a commitment to excellence.


Trust is cultivated by setting boundaries within which people have certain freedoms (to make decisions, to take risks, to speak their minds) as well as certain obligations (to speak the truth, to be accountable for their decisions, to learn from their mistakes). People can't be productive when they are driven by rules, nor can anything be achieved when there are no boundaries and chaos reigns. Trust can only thrive in an organisation in which there is mutual respect and where people are valued.

Changing Tunes has kept me sane. It’s given me something to focus my mind on and taught me teamwork and interpersonal skills, useful in prison and for my future outside
— a participant in HMP Leyhill

Christian values have underpinned, inspired and informed the organisation and its approach from its inception, with prison chaplaincy and Christian churches frequently providing support, venues and contexts for the work of Changing Tunes. The attitude of Christ, who sees value in every individual no matter how they are regarded by the rest of the world, underpins the attitude of Changing Tunes towards every individual whom they have the privilege to serve in prison and post-release. Some of our staff are Christians and some are not, but all of them embrace our values.  Our sessions are open to anyone regardless of what they believe. If we are asked about our beliefs we will share them but we do not expect participants to do the same.