Changing Tunes uses music and mentoring to help people lead meaningful, crime-free lives

The difference we make

We help beneficiaries to develop their creativity, confidence, self-esteem, hope, resilience, belonging, agency and wellbeing. We’re often inspired by the steps they take creatively and personally. Here’s what one of our beneficiaries says about her work with us: “I want to thank Changing Tunes for being part of my journey. It’s been six years since we first met. Your support was a blessing and a lesson that changed my path. My entire way of thinking, acting and believing has changed completely"


Author: Rosie Learmonth

Our covid-19 response

On 20th March 2020 we had to pause our in-person sessions. We immediately focused on adapting our services, so we could support beneficiaries through the crisis. Letters have gone out to prisoners and we’ve maintained contact with ex-prisoners over the phone and on Zoom. We produced in-cell beginners’ guitar learning packs. This has given prisoners a creative outlet, helping them through months of 23-hour lock-up. With support from HMPPS, this has been adopted in 7 prisons so far


Author: Rosie Learmonth

Donate to Changing Tunes

Our beneficiaries need us now more than ever. When you donate to Changing Tunes you make a real difference to people's lives. Here's what one of our funders says about why they support us: "The Bromley Trust is delighted to be a supporter of Changing Tunes. High quality music and mentoring interventions can be transformative for participants, raising self-confidence and enhancing future prospects. We're happy to be able to help fund their valuable work"



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